ChordCorpore - a transmedial performance

ChordCorpore is a performance of 4 dancers in dialogue with the work of the soundartist and performer Gero Koenig called “Chordeograph”. Analogue transformations of sound challenge our perception and will trigger the actions of the dancers. The scenic and choreographic direction will be by Sônia Mota.   




The dancers will embark in a journey through undefined territories with no recognizable landmarks. The bodies will intertwine into landscapes, these landscapes are topographies that design an esthetic horizon. The frequencies, tones, and movement-cycles code, recode and translate in constant dialog. The more intimate the dialog the stronger are the dynamics of this transmedia performance. In ChordCorpore dance, performance, new music and sound art form the matrix of a transmedia project. 





Scenic and choreographic direction: Sônia Mota

Composition and performance: Gero Koenig 

Dance: Anna Dimpfl, Carla Jordão, Caroline Alves, Katharina Geyer