My project Chordeograph evolved as a sound and perception research and instrumental development starting from the objective to realize a dynamical reference system for complex sound processes. I have developed different notations for the symbolical and graphical projection of microtonal grids that cannot be captured by traditional notation. Ausgangspunkt dieser Entwicklung ist nicht wie in traditioneller Notation, den Klang, sondern die ihn erzeugende Bewegung nach ihrer Richtung, Weglänge, Dauer und Position aufzuzeichnen.<}0{>The starting point for developing these notations is not, as in traditional notation, a static description of  musical results, but expressing the conditions of sound creation interactively. In this context stands the development of Chordeograph C2aa.


Chordeograph C2aa


C2aa stands for "Chordeograph 2 augmented analysis". Objective of the C2aa development is a deeper analytical insight into the conditions of Chordeograph based sound creation by identifying exact conditions / position of chord-excitation in synchronization with audio-events – allowing to acquire data for reproducing conditions of the creations of a given sound. On the basis of this data a score is derived allowing to guide one or more players interactively. 


Since 2013 I write the programm for C2aa with the software Processing and Max communicating via oscP5 from Andreas Schlegel.


Thanks to Bernd Wendt for accompanying me in the conceptual phase of this project.