Work on Chordeograph 3 AR supported by the state governement of North Rhine Westphalia is ongoing.


January 13 workshop and film documentation as part of the production "New Dimension of Listening", Planetarium Bochum


November 23  a specially designed and adapted version of Chordeograph AR for the Planetarium Bochum at DIVE IMMERSIVE ARTS FESTIVAL


November 23, 15:00 - 17:00 “Künstlergespräch DIVE-Festival” Schauspielhaus Bochum. 


November 7 publication of some ideas and concepts at EVA Berlin,  





November 1 2018 until June 2 2019 Exhibition Open Codes at ZKM Karlsruhe, Chordeograph Augmented Reality, Instrument and graphic scores as interactive video installation


October 19 presentation of the ZKM production CHORDEOGRAPH Augmented Reality

Instrument and graphical scores as participative composition and concertperformance

with friendly support of gallery ARTOXIN, Munich


October 12 until 17 CHORDEOGRAPH.workshops at ZKM Karlsruhe, introduction in new musical playing fields, Augmented Reality scores and participative compositions. Dates: October 12, 5 pm and after individual agreement. Registration under +49 (0)160 - 94 80 21 87 or


September 22 concertperformance at kunstort eleven artspace

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